PASS – Promoting Accessible Shows-English


Ref. Grant Agreement number: 101131091 — PASS — CREA-CULT-2023-COOP
European Cooperation projects (Small scale)


PASS – Promoting Accessible Shows is a European cooperation project funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union. The project involves the realization of a multidisciplinary and transnational show and training workshops for cultural workers, teachers and musicians taking into account high accessibility practices and involving, as a priority, artists with disabilities in the 4 European countries belonging to the 4 partner institutions (Italy, Greece, Czech Republic and Finland).


Project Coordinator:
Project Partners:
ACCAC FINLAND [Finland – Tampere]
EN DYNAMEI [Greece -Thessaloniki]
STUDIO CITADELA [Czech Republic – Prague]


Project Start Date: 1st of January 2024
Project Duration: 25 months
Subject: Creative Europe Programme (CREA)


The thematic topic of the performance will be the Celebration of Life:
«How do you celebrate life? What do you celebrate with your life and what is that permits us to celebrate life? What would you do if it was the last day of the world?».
Every partner will work creatively on this topic, after the discussion and common decision on the overall approach and aesthetic of the performance.

PASS Project Keywords


  • Developing the capacity of performing arts operators in to create accessible artistic contents
  • Creating permanent multi-stakeholder confrontation on accessibility in arts
  • Increasing acknowledgement and mobility of performances with artists with disabilities in Europe
  • Raising the audience with a focus on children with sensory and cognitive disabilities


  • Increased skills and employability of artists with disabilities
  • Enhanced interested and participation of children in creativity and performing arts
  • Boosted capacity of cultural organisations to cooperate for joint artistic works with high social value
  • Co-create guidelines for the creation of highly accessible performances